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Кимжа - живая старина
The Gests of our district.
Professor Karl Michel Uhansen and his daughter Luisa arrived in Mezen district on the 12-th of March. Karl is a teacher of architecture in High king technological School in Stockholm. They should arrived on 11-th of March but the bad weather delayed their fly to Mezen from Archangelsk and they went to Mezen by car. It took them 8 hours. This travel was long and tiresome but the nice view of northern winter nature cheered them.
The goal of Uhansen is to take pictures of the old houses, churches and others buildings in Mezen and Leshukonskoje district.
These northern places of Archangelsk region took his attention because they were storied as in 19-th century and were not destructed. He planned to visit all the villages on the right bank of Mezen river until Leshuconskoje.
The longest stay was in Kimzha. This northern village is a live architecture masterpiece where every house has the great historical value. And the Odigitrievskaja church is the great value of the world.
35 years ago Karl was presented by book about the northern Russian architecture where Kimzha was referred to. And from that time he had a dream to visit this village.
They thought that Mezen was very far from Sweden, at the end of earth but then they arrived here they were surprised that there were a lot of modern people here.
He was in the scientific expedition to Kargopol and Kenoserje. After that he wrote some science articles and took a lot of photos.
Our gests were like to live at the family of Mishukovs, where they were treated to fresh and natural tasty products. They went to the Russian bath-house every day.
We discussed with our gests about aspects of the development of tourism here as a mode of preservation of this unique village. Mister Uhansen said that many students could visit Pomor villages but for that we must working out the joint project. And we both must be interested in it.
Have visited our villages professor understood that ten days will be few to study them. And he plan to visit our district again to study it more detailed.
As a conclusion I have to say that our journey took place with the help of Mezen department of culture. And I thank the teacher of Swedish language of Archangelsk Pomor University Olga Kusina for the help with the translation.

Anna Kruchkova
Translation by Fyodor Safonov www.fyodors.narod.ru
© Михаил Ханзин, 2006
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